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We have a friendly, accessible team of engineers, support professionals, business developers and more based all around the world focused on the continued market and technological success of our company while adding value to our services to benefit our users, clients and customers.

Our cluster-based GRID network features hundreds of server nodes using the right software for the right job powered by Linux and Unix operating systems. Our hardware throughout the network mainly consists of Quad-CPU Intel Xeon processors which stand up to the most demanding requests of the network such as processing end user requests.

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Our platform also consists of separate sub-GRID networks dedicated to such functions such as MySQL databases, FTP management and numerous other functions normally hosted on a handful of machines in other hosting services.With Our Free Hosting Plans For Life That What Make Your The Best You can Make Your Webisite and Host It Live without Problems here

This doesn't of course go to mention the fact that our platform includes multiple redundancy protections such as power protection, backup systems, load balancing hardware, and a very large and expansive Storage Area Network (SAN) with interconnecting fiber optic change distribution servers.


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This Is The non Profitable organization that work to insure that all service are provided to are people according to their needs irregardless to the social factors we care your and we love you and we will always love to make sure that you are always safe and secure with simple and easy service privided by us

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